Friday, April 12, 2019

2020: The Musical Taking Shape

2020: THE MUSICAL is taking shape. The
URL has been obtained and the logo for the show is currently being designed. The show will have an online presence within several weeks. Guess how many songs there are in 2020: The Musical? That’s right, twenty. Twenty songs with melodies that stay with you and lyrics that cut to the chase.
2020: THE MUSICAL not only deals with the issues but is also entertaining and fun. You many even discover a couple of songs that take aim at the current POTUS. There are many styles of music from marches to folk, New Orleans jazz to blues, musical theatre to rap.
The songs cover all the issues we care about including: global warming, reproductive rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, minimum wage, racism, gerrymandering, criminal justice reform, term limits for the Supreme Court, universal healthcare, legislation for lobbyists, tax code reform, a woman president, the Middle East conflict and much more.
2020: THE MUSICAL is interactive. There will be lots of opportunity for members of the audience to share thoughts, ideas and feelings about the issues.
2020: THE MUSICAL is an excellent vehicle for fundraisers. A sampler of songs as well as a short video on the show will be available mid-May. Please let us know if you would like to receive links to these materials.
Music, script and lyrics by Carol Dunitz, who also performs. 

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digitial Interface)
2020: The Musical Song

Monday, March 25, 2019

2020: The Musical

"2020: The Musical" can be booked for performances starting June 1. The new show has fifteen songs about issues the American people want action on including global warming, gun control, a woman president, the border wall, tax reform, minimum wage, and campaign finance reform. The songs have catchy melodies and the lyrics cut to the chase telling it like it is and how it needs to be. "2020; The Musical" is interactive and performed in concert. Written, composed and performed by Carol Dunitz. A great vehicle for fundraising.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

02.28.19 Spike Lee & The Oscars

02.28.19 Spike Lee & The Oscars. You can have these political raps delivered daily to your email box by going to to sign up. Are you with Spike Lee?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

02.27.19 Win Place Show

022719 Win Place Show." If you would like these political raps to arrive daily in your email box, please go to to sign up. Who do you think our next president will be?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

02.26.19 Black Face, White Wash

022619 Black Face, White Wash. ." If you would like these political raps to arrive daily in your email box, please go to to sign up. How do you feel about Governor Ralph Northam’s comments?